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Salò - Culture

Built in 1453, over the ruins of the Santa Maria Parish church, you can find the Duomo which houses paintings by Paolo Veneziano, Andrea Celesti and Zenone Veronese. Amongst the other churches to be visited we have the church of the Visitation, built in 1712, the Church dedicated to San Bernardino, from 1476, and, in the district of Barbarano you can find the church of the Capuchin Friars. The building that now houses the Town Hall was once the Palazzo del Capitano or Podestà, an important building that testifies to the economical and strategic importance of Salò. The Civic Library and the University of Salò are housed in Palazzo Fantoni, which was built in the 15th century. Also worth a visit are the Archaeological Museum, which houses relics of the Roman, Medieval and Renaissance eras, and the Nastro Azzurro Historical Museum which houses relics and documentation regarding the Napoleonic era and the Second World War.

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